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    Item Mall costumes gone??

    So now Im trying to get a costume for my defender and I cant find anything anyone have any ideas on where I can get one??

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    check your Item Mall Inventory if the costume is missing then send ticket to GM im sure they will assist you right away

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    Well costumes are removed until new years or so, because players will be able to get them via in-game x-mas events. So gm's thought they would remove them for the time being.
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    Guys, If you want to enhance your character appearance, then try sending ticket to GM. You can suggest about the benefits of costumes to Rohan Players. If your explanation is clearly stated on you suggestion, it can be granted.

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    New costumes will become available very soon. We are currently working on updating our current costume system.

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    YAY! thank you GM, i want a new look to my character! please let me us know once you guys are done with that!~

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