Greetings Rohanians,

For this event, you will have to register through the weekend to participate.

Now it is the turn for Jainus to prove his strength.

Just follow this link and fill in with your Character information.

Please, remember to put the correct information, otherwise, the GMs may not take your character into consideration.

The event consist on the following:


⭐This event consists on slaying 3 powerful Gods and their minions
⭐Once you have killed one God, other one will appear anywhere in the dungeon.
⭐If you succeed you will receive 1x Badge of Victory, 1x Sealed Book of the Beginning (1 day), 1x Enhancement Abradant, 5x Sacred Heart's Blessing (Medium)
⭐And also we will raffle among the winners 1x Power Catalyst C and 1x Walter's Sealed Medal +5
⭐The event finishes after the third god is killed.
⭐Once teleported to the dungeon, the players have to wait until the GM gives the signal to start.

Terms and Condition:
Do not engage in any PvP action or you will be disqualified.
Do not kill your fellow heroes or you will be disqualified.
AFK players will be disqualified.
Disqualified players will not receive any rewards.
Only one character per player. Other accounts will not be considered.

Remember you will have until February 25 to register!
Chosen players will be announced on February 27.

More Power! Let the battle begin!

Best regards
R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team