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    Pls fix % success rate

    Dear GM,

    pls fix % success rate for making equipment battlepet, is insane only 10% success to make it, making battle pet equipment with 10% SR only wasting cegel and time, from the 1st time i play this game very difficult to find advance equipment, no one sell it on game
    i hope u will fix that success rate on the future
    tyvm and GBU

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    Very agree with this. Please make it 20-25%, thanks.

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    can use catalyst so can make it 100% , same like making other manual

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    Well lot of people can make it with 10%rate.. nowadays the armor become cheaper.. so just go with it.. 10%is good enough.. mats are easy to get.. just hunt 40 pieces of them and u will get 1 success

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    ok pls make it for me, stage 4 forest warrior LS & DS chest (Adv), I Buy from u

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    Tell me your price if reasonable ill make it for you..
    If you give me only low price just find it by yourself or buy something cheaper in town depend on your budget..

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    just tell me how much u want? ^o^

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