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    rohan saved my life

    so i just wanted to stop by and say hello to you all. i've played rohan from beta.wow what 5 years now?.... and then i fell on my face an went to jail for 4 years . but as i was laying on that lonely bunk all i keep thinking of was "man i miss rohan". so i did what i had to do to get back out for it. and i just kept saying "what would rohan do?" lol. have a good night people and merry christmass . and no boting its gay!

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    but botting is allowed now and be prepared for some spin stories on how you broke into 5 people's homes to get enough rps to buy a super epic weapon

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    lol naa i like to get all my weapons from the mussel. **** my boy "Tian" was the first lvl 99 character on this server. oooooh how the times change. now i get to look at every one running into trees over and over. what happened to the old days of 10 hours of non stop grinding, and the good old stiff neck. and the microwave hotdogs?

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    rofl 4 years jail gtfo fkin dip****
    Don't hate, friends.

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    Not sure what's worse: you ending up in jail for 4 years .. or thinking about Rohan for those 4 years?

    But hey, welcome back
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    i would say thinking of a video game that you just cant touch. the cures of the gamers blood.

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    and to ancer your growing up Q. yea u do a lot of that in there. but i do bleave you could take your own advice before trying to judge others. last time i checked we are all playing game online. some would say that is childish. but whats the fun in not playing games? so we all need some of that inner child in us to get throw the dark parts of life. so stop bashing and focus on the sweeter parts of life.

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    Damn, I remeber Tian O.O those was fkn old days!

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    lol ............anoudda torian nikkuh brah wuz poppin hood dun wuhry about dat fag.got carnett he juz mad cuz he a 30 year old virgin n **** brah. feel me?

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