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    Exclamation I still asking u make a reconnect function n more some nice funtion for this Game

    Game online now most have reconnect function dont like rohan,dc is need close n open again client..sad

    Almost have locking items system ingame with code number etc..

    In the info character , inventory n treasure i think u need make the lock system by code 4 digit with 5 attemps to unlock i think is good.. Users can create on off that ingame everytime its will safely if have hack or sth... So we can high protect gamers... All ppl think 2 function is very need ???! Right??

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    +1 i totally agre on that one, make a RECONNECT button, its 1 day job for a programmer, and make a TREASURY 4DIGIT PIN so we can double protect some items we consider valuable to us.

    2 buttons, 1 day, 500$ max for anyone to do that.

    But, ROHAN Administration doesnt know Game Developers aint doint s h i eeet to do those small things and improve and increase the population of players n stuff

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    Easy to say for folks that do not understand how a rohan server is built or works.

    Good luck with that.

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    +1 but it never will happens in Rbf.
    Undecided by the changes that have taken place lately.

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