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    Someone please explain UPG 2.0 / 3.0.

    Very Noobie Question I know but see these everywhere and unsure what gear this is. my best gear is Glacial weps but these upgrades im unsure off

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    UPG are the best weapons available in the game, they were sold on Item Mall forever ago. They came out with different versions at different times so that's why the names can get confusing. These items haven't been sold on IM in a very long time so the only way you can get one is to buy on EM.

    typically they all give at least:
    100% HP
    60% Melee/ Magic / Ranged
    60% DD
    Bunch of other **** but that's the main stuff

    First they sold Epics Upgs, Then 1.0 upgs. these are modeled like the Ancient Weapon right before glacial.
    (Each weapon has different name, EX: Homer's Will is a dagger, Mano's Delusion is Katar)
    Epics have less DD than 1.0, only 45DD but also have 35% mobility and 15% hp/mp absorption.

    2.0 and 3.0 are all modeled after glacial weapons, so you can only tell them apart if you recognize the stats. There are too many variations for me to type but if you ask for a certain kind maybe someone can help you.

    Typically Epic and 1.0s are cheaper because they have lower stats and do not have sockets to add Trans Stones.
    2.0s and 3.0s can get really expensive but you need to be careful, while most 3.0s are the better choice its not always true. for example 3.0 Zhen and Club is very undesirable because the stats aren't that great, This is because GMs released **** without much thought.

    The stats can get get even more confusing bc when it was sold on IM it was sold in 4 parts, so players had to forge it themselves. You don't see it that much but there are some partly UPG weapons out there which sum1 used only x2 or x3 Parts from IM, and used the last part with lower stats that they farmed themselves.

    There was a crossbow going around at one point that was even 2 parts 2.0 and 2 parts 3.0 so its dubbed the 2.5 crossbow lmao.

    it might take a while but you'll start to recognize them from spammers in CS and PA, and you'll be able to tell exactly what it is.
    Like I said earlier there are too many to tell you all the stats but if you have a specific question, like which is the best upg for your class then I can tell you which one and why.
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    Thanks really detailed explaination

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    I can add to this a bit

    First the mighty YNK released the Epic Weapons. These were highly desired because their stats were far beyond anything available in the exchange market. Also they were pre-forged, ready to use, were pre-reinforced to +7 and based on the highest tier weapons of the time. The more rabid Rohan players jumped all over them even though they had an obscene price of 26,000 RPS ($260 US) in the item Mall. They were sold only 2 times. Once on a weekend for about 4 hours, and a week later for a couple hours only and never again after that. Needless to say that the very limited sales period had made a small number very happy players and a large number of very, very angry players. Many of those player left in what I like to call The Great Rohan Exitus where a several hundred of its players walked away from Rohan and are to this day playing on private servers or other less frustrating games.

    A year or two later, the bean counters at YNK had another epic brainfart and sold high-end weapon parts called "Upgrade" 1.0 parts. These were based on the same tier of weapons as the Epics. They had a rash of sales over a few months where they would sell one of the parts per month for the princely sum of 4000-6000 RPS ($40-60US) per part - which worked out to be about $200 US just for the the parts. These were different from Epics different in that you had to forge and enhance them yourself into what is known as Upgrade 1.0 weapons. Because you forged them yourself there was some minor variation of the amount of DD, leech, mobility and/or other capabilities. You also had to reinforce (+) them yourself. By the time you finished buying the parts and the supplies you needed to forge them you were usually spending about $300 US or more each. Because there were more Upgrade weapons as opposed to Epics, those players that could not afford the expense of them slowly left the game to find some measure happiness elsewhere or move to the non-epic server.

    The populations of the servers slowed down more and more over the years, despite the efforts of YNK Gods to periodically open "No Epics" servers like Divinity to appease those that did not want to compete against holder of those epic and upgrade weapons. Things rolled along like that for a few years with a server merge or two until the population dwindled to the point where it was simply not feasible to maintain an epic-free server. So to appease the masses left playing on the non-epic/upgrade Jin server, YNK decided to offer upgrades to the players of both servers for a time. These "Upgrade 2.0' weapons were much better than the previous "Upgrade 1.0" or "Epic" weapons. Also they were based on the next tier glacial weapons. The parts were sold for 2000 rps each and there were a few months of sales for these. By the time you forged them you would spend about $100-$120 USD if you had decent luck. Many did and for a while there were many, many upgrade 2.0 weapons. Those moving to Jainus from Jin were much happier being able to come with Upgrade 2.0 weapons in hand.

    A couple months after the merge the Upgrade 2 sales ended. After several complaints of players returning to Rohan after a long hiatus hoping to finally get in on the action and not being able to make these weapons. To appease the arrivals Almighty YNK made the mistake of blessing them with them not Upgrade 2.0 parts, but Upgrade 3.0 parts at the same prices as the older upgrade 2.0 parts. In many cases the end weapons made from Upgrade 3.0 parts were slightly superior to the Upgrade 2.0 parts by offering marginally higher DD and attack percentages. This raised the questions and ire from all of those that bought and forged Upgrade 2.0 weapons as to why another level of them was necessary so soon after the last upgrade sales. Why not simply sell the Upgrade 2.0 parts again for a little while? Lord YNK remained deaf to the prayers of its player base, but did close the sales of Upgrade 3.0 weapons after only a relatively short period.

    To this day PlaywithI/YNKi has remained deaf to the prayers of its remaining small playerbase so the only place you will be able to acquire such a weapon is from exiting players that bothered to put theirs up on the EM before they left.

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