Hello Shiltizens,

Here we share with you this event that Unipin is running from July 20th~23th for Seal Online game:

[Promo] Play - Top Up - Get Cashback!

To get 100,000 UC Cashback this time, you need to follow some steps below:
1. Top up should use UniPin Wallet
2. During the event, the amount of accumulation should be able to reach 10,000 RPs
3. Cashback will only be earned once for 1 UniPin ID (UniPass)
4. Reward Cashback 100.000 UniPin Credits will be given after the event ends no later than 7 days.

More info: https://www.unipin.co.id/events/read/id/2502

For top up guide you can check on this link: https://www.unipin.co.id/games/details/id/130

You can also register here to create an account UniPin (UniPass)

Love Seal^^

Seal BoD Team