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    Am I the only one feeling disappointed?

    Hello everyone,

    I just want to share what I have noticed so far not going to involve the current state of the server but even Rohan support is kind of useless. I have asked for help 3 times for help and all 3 times were ridiculous. First one I had account issue they didn't even know how to help me in their game, lets leave that my friend decided to quit because he reliased that this server as before won't get any better and leaving some RPs that I are bind to account and can't even spend, but hey it's rohan we all know why this server was made for. And here we go to the 3rd time I asked for a help it was because of the ID's issue I had to remake the accounts and I completely forgot I had account with title reward with the first server closing. Guess what I got when I asked for help.

    You should really improve your helping team and focus more on the players, because we all know that there were no 500k subscribers count and soon or later this will become like the first server a ghost town .

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    We are playing in iRohan after all. Letting indos abuse rings and accounts there was no issue with that ,but helping someone who needs help.. let's be honest nobody gives a sh*t about that.

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    I am very disappointed. We were promised a better rohan, and all we got is the same old sh!t with a couple of new quests and a lot of features very important removed.

    It certainly is not worth the loss of the content of all my accounts that cost literally thousands of US$ to build over the years.

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    Lol, 500k subscribers, yeah right. Glad I wasn't suckered into this ****show.

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    Oh I had about 7 existing accounts that had been cleaned out with the wipe. All I did was pop a noob char on each to check things out. Wasn't impressed, haven't bothered to log in for a while now.

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