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    Post Trans Abyss Sphere, Goodbye Rohan!

    Been long time since I don't post here, I stopped play like a Year ago but after I know the game was going to close I decided to make a last "tribute" of my way in this game, I just loved play as Rumir, Priest and Noir i like wizard too but they are verry squishy, when I was playing I reached abyss stuffs my armor not was max at once... I farmed it with my partner's savage, his savage was faster to kill mobs but every 2h we had to steal buffs again and again I really had time for this game lmao,We farmed with Dhan,temp too but savage was verry faster, I made my
    Trans Abyss Sphere Magic and one HP54dd too the HP one was pretty tanky I didn't liked the Magic at all it was only good for solo fights or with pen DD stones + att speed cuz was slow... Trans Opa sphere in another way was better for farm or with def/guard EMP/aura + alm in pvp fights magic atack is capped so I used Maid Pet for farm and pvp (if Im as support) or Nurse (if no PA bagde in abyss or in pvp) or Hero Pet if im damage dealer I didn't used much Tennis just for pve (hunt boss or mirror dung), was fun play my rumir and my priest most of ppl put rumir/priest in HK this not fun I used to duo play both,play rumir and priest it's about timing to use skills to heal also to do some damage.
    Was really easy do damage in Isen with rumir and priest no upg there and max DD 5x and later 7x cuz they put guarder but pen DD, for me what really ruined the pvp was the PA bagde my damage was not higher than 6k regular even with pen DD so I hae to begin use my ranger to ulti and anti pot and I kill xD this trick used to work with alot of guys with some was not even necessary they couldn't handle my rumir xDD, and also with bind +ulti of my priest then I dloop and damage come, some mad Kos just said I'm only a support that I'm not supposed to do dmg they even mention hack(cause of Penta) damage lel lmfao, I was only support when necessary or just for my partner he used to play almost all class xD and I used to support all them in pvp or PA was so fun... Chakras in rumir it's sooooo gooood it make you tankier and damage dealer at same time not so damage dealer with hp weap but 4k dmg reg in ppl with opa set,Isen was a good server ph ppl dominates there also Dhans most of fights was bunch of Dhans and weaker support that was easy to beat 1 Pentagram they supports die and the Dhans 1 Penta + trace not really a big deal xD PA was fun some PA I even was Pure PVE lmfao nights PA, well I'm gonna miss this...
    Thank you Rohan for every little moment I'm gonna save all my friends that i made will be always in my heart nab Shac, Paty without you two I was such a useeles support I loved support you all and my guild Legacy, about my old Kos well you guys was funny Baldog, Magnum,Finral, my Kos that turned my ally Extasis,Devslayer,shadow lmfao, my friends sometimes and Kos Everytime nab Jack and Yoruichi, my old ally 3linch purple nub my first GM from Leviathan, Ady so noob cause of ur guard Bleach I tried isen and i did liked.
    Trans Abyss Sphere design is pretty cute and during reinforcing it can't break just like the Spiritual.

    http://imgur.com/a/2Iedy73 (really hard to make image appears here)

    Thank you Rohan! Let's see what coming next (or not)
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