Greetings Shiltizens,

Here comes a new event Pop-Up Quiz!

Go to our Facebook post here:

You will need to use your Math skills to be able to solve this one!
Check the picture and comment the Correct Answer in our Facebook post.

Could it be A), B), C) or D)?


There will be 15 winners this time! Those who answer correctly will participate in the raffle for the following rewards!

🔥 2 x Golden Chest Keys
🔥 3 x Rascal Rabbit
🔥 3 x Summer party chest
🔥 1 x Blessed Diamond

*The Event will start on June 21th until June 25th
*One account PER PLAYER
*Multiple accounts will reduce chances of winning.
*Must comment the answer, Character and Server.
*Only complete answers will be considered for the raffle.

Love Seal!
Seal BOD Team ^^