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    About Noir/ Rumir weapons.

    There is simply no reason to list mar since they cannot USE a weapon what so ever. So I will simply put it in as this.

    So I see lots of players who dont understand how to evolve their weapons passed a certain level. I dont know if its due to inadequate information about how to do so, or they just dont like to read. So I will try to make this as easy as possible for you guys.

    Ok. First things first. If you dont have a weapon by the time you leave the tutorial you have no finished the tutorial. Delete your char and do it over. This time talk to everyone and get your weapon.

    Once this happens. You will need to follow a few simple quests when you get to your home town. These are IMPORTANT. Do them.

    So the first thing you will notice is that you have grade E crystals. Make your weapon +1 and go to the weapon evolver. This will raise the level from 20-21. Now you can go grind.

    Your weapon cannot exceed your characters level. It cannot have stats placed on it from weapons that are above its level. If your weapon is level 40, you must use level 39 and lower weapons to transmute options from one to another.

    When you transmute options onto your weapon the weapon is lost FOREVER! You can not get it back. So consider that before I see another one of you crying in all chat about it just ate your 4part upgrade and you did not know that it would destroy it.

    Now onto the important information.

    Every 20 levels you will need to evolve your weapon. Levels 20,40, 60, 80, 100, 120.

    Your weapon will sit at level 20,40,60,80,100,120 at 100% exp until it is evolved.

    You will need to meet specific requirements in order to evo your weapons however.

    lvl 40 needs +5 on the weapon and the use of a lvl 3x rare/unique weapon.
    lvl 60 needs +6 on the weapon and the use of a lvl 5x rare/unique weapon.
    lvl 80 needs +7 on the weapon and the use of a lvl 7x rare/unique weapon.
    lvl 100 needs +8 on the weapon and the used of a lvl 9x rare/unique weapon.
    lvl 120 does not appear to require a weapon + level however it will require a rare/unique glacial part to evo.

    Nuff said gettin my grind on.

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    Here's some additional info:
    Before you start your evolve at 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 you need to be at 100% experience on the weapon at that level.

    20-40 requires Grade "E" crystals for enhancing (+1 to go to 21, then +5 to go past lvl 40)
    41-60 requires Grade "D" crystals for enhancing
    61-80 requires Grade "C" crystals for enhancing
    81-100 requires Grade "B" crystals for enhancing
    101-120 requires Grade "A" crystals for enhancing

    Leveling. You can level your weapon past your character level, but only by about 5 levels or so. Getting to that 5th level will fail almost 90% of the time.

    I found that feeding NPC grade, highest level weapons to just fine for manual leveling. After about level 75 or so you will find tyhat you have to feed it 6-10 lvl 98 NPC weapons to get up a level, but with lots of crones (500 million is selling at about 130rps these days) you can level your weapon pretty easily. It is a hellofa crone sink

    I made my Nior and Rumir Arrendal weapons lvl 81 & +8 over the last weekend following this and StrOwnz information.

    Hope this helps.
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    thanks for this details.

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    I love this post. Very helpfull

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    Quote Originally Posted by princetralala View Post
    I love this post. Very helpfull
    It is. Helped me a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamcoffeelover View Post
    It is. Helped me a lot.
    I love your post. LOL

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    when i transmute option, is it 100% success or can it fail?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jose42999 View Post
    when i transmute option, is it 100% success or can it fail?
    There is an option to use a Transmute Preservation Stone. Anybody with a functioning brain would clue in that if it could not fail, there would be no need for a Transmute Preservation Stone option. Catch my drift?

    Now onwards.

    If you don't use a Transmute Preservation Stone, you can lose th4e ancient weapon you are trying to transmute to the Arrendal, but My own experience is that in this case success rate is around 80%.

    If you do use a Transmute Preservation Stone I have found the success rate of transmuting falls to a low of 10% success. People here have spent many thousands of RPs trying to transmute their weapon only to find themselves running out of money and no transmuted weapon.

    So here is your choice. Use a weapon for transmuting that you can afford to lose an forego the transmute preservation stones or if the weapon is irreplaceable, then be prepared to spend hundreds of US $ on Trandsmute Preservation Stones and maybe, just maybe you will successfully transmute your valuable weapon.

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    cyka blyat Dehkon o/

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    Very helpful post indeed.Thanks everyone.Now i can start my Noir toon.Was no good info i could find until now.
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