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    [ASSASSIN] Discussion & Private Guide


    Since there are no 2nd job Threads I am starting this:

    TYPE : PVP / PVE -- (SOLO / PARTY)

    A.What basic stats are important & why:
    1. HP : Better survivability
    2. AP : Can spam more skill, lazy to press AP potion? LoL
    3. DAMAGE : 1 hit kill baby
    4. MAGIC POWER: I am mystical
    5. DEFENSE : I am the great wall of China
    6. ACCURACY : I am a close ranged sniper
    7. EVASION RATE : Now you see me, now you don't
    8. ATTACK SPEED : You see that? You just died!
    9. CRITICAL : Whoopa! Head Shot!
    10. MOVEMENT SPEED : Wheee... Can't catch me!

    B. Your status point distribution & why:
    1. STR : 300 , I want to hit hard
    2. AGI : 5 , I have priest buff for accuracy
    3. INT : 5 , I don't need this for dmg output
    4. VIT : 200, I am PVP type so I need to survive
    5. WIS : 5, I am not a mage, I am a NINJA
    6. LUK : 200, I am a NINJA you can't hit me

    ! IMPORTANT: Please use the above format for posting.


    PS: I like my thread colorful
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    wow , add LUK? look nice
    but damage wont down so much?

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    Well, depends if you have at least all .XG +7 equipment and 2 XG Murims, red valkyrie+9, WOSB.XG +7

    you damage should be decent enough, the above is just for example. Luk is for PVP purposes if you don't have priest buff you wont hit people with 1000++ eva
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    Can any of the Assassins attacking skills do a critical hit? (ie. Hunter Skill Heat Shot can)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bacquerel View Post

    Can any of the Assassins attacking skills do a critical hit? (ie. Hunter Skill Heat Shot can)
    Assassin is a RAW damage class, so no critical damage is added. Only auto attack crits but skills doesn't. Imagine Assassin's with skill critting. 1HKO.

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    Seriously ? a job for 5 years kid need a guide ?
    Is this a joke ?? LoL
    if u are Assasins or Gambler and u lose in PvP, u are totally idiot or NooB ? that's all.

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    Which one is better?,Illusory Armor.XG or Jikael Armor.XG?

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