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    Fashion Frenzy - Version 3!

    Greetings Rohanians!

    The Fashion Frenzy Items have been ones again updated! We are still working on some visual updates such as the landing screen of Fashion Frenzy with the newly updated costumes that you will be able to obtain now. However all costumes are now updated and you will be able to start gaining all the new Costumes!

    Date Updated: 04/14/2015 4:00PM PST

    There is a total of:
    • 11 Male Costumes
    • 7 Male Hats
    • 10 Female Costumes
    • 9 Female Hats

    Do you want to know what costumes will you be able to obtain now? Just head over to Fashion Frenzy and click on View All Costumes!

    These costumes are permanent and contain 3 sockets in which you can attach Costume Patterns available in our Item Mall. These costume patterns contain assorted stats for you to modify the costume as you wish!

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