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    Wizard Build need help

    Hello there.
    Im currently making a wizard full Psy.
    I have read few guides but doesnt really help me. because its pretty old guide, some skills arent there.

    Anyone know full psy wizard for farming?
    Thx in advance.

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    My advice is don’t make a wizard. I came back recently, after playing way back before epics, and went wizard cuz I thought they were supposed to be OP in PvE.This is true if you want an ez grind to level 115. But after that, wizard is completely obsolete to scout if you are just gonna farm maps for drops like SES.

    If you wanna get serious and farm in mirror dungeons you will need an upg.
    Don’t wast money on an upg for wizard bc their damage won’t even compare to other classes with them.

    It’s a sad thing man, wizard is such a cool class but there is a reason you don’t see many of them.

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    Wizzards are good in R5, Ronelia and Warehouse(i think) all other dungeons are overkill for them.
    Go Scout if youre gonna do some hardcore endgame dungeon farming.
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    scouts not gonna cut it either xD, you gonna need a pred if you want to farm fast in mirror dungeons or an OP templar/sage
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    Scouts nowadays are just for pulling mobs while someone dmg dealer in the pt kills them, with the current high hp of mobs in mirrors and new map (for +50) most scouts are just 1-2 shots from mobs

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    Not really . scout got dd skill lv7 30% + guarder dd + wp max dd is good in pt if u have trans opa set...

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    Quote Originally Posted by iceboyhn View Post
    Not really . scout got dd skill lv7 30% + guarder dd + wp max dd is good in pt if u have trans opa set...
    Nobody said scout is lacking tanking ability, it’s damage is too low for abyss/superior

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