Greetings Rohanians!

Today we bring important news about the balance patch for Half Elves. As mentioned before the patch will be applied on the 18th of June and will hold a whopping 22 reworked buffs & skills!

Below an overview is given of the skills/buffs which will be adjusted and some key-changes are discussed as well.

The following table will include all skills/buffs that are going to be adjusted. On the right side it will either show: Buff, Nerf or Tweak. On the left side it shows the buff/skill name.

Buff – A skill or buff is increased in power
Nerf – A skill or buff is decreased in power
Tweak – A skill or buff is neither (really) increased nor (really) decreased in power but underwent multiple changes

General Focus:

The idea behind the half elf patch is to reduce cooldowns, for the sole reason that in PVP skills can easily be resisted/blocked/parry’ed and because many players have high skill & PVP defence so skills are not as powerful as they once were. In PVE any class with high attack speed and an AOE (Area Of Effect) buff can kill faster than classes utilising skills. The cooldown reduction will be seen for Archer, Ranger & Scout.

Ranger/Scout lack CC (Crowd Control) effects and need to stay at range to kill a target. In order to make the more viable in PVP we have increased the duration of their main root skill (Piercing Root). This should make it easier to ‘’kite’’ and opponent. This change affects Archer, Ranger & Scout as well.

Damage amplifiers:
In general some nerfs have been applied to a select amount of buffs/skills. The ranger has received a nerf in their Speed wind + Siege Shot combo together with anti-potion(which had a slight % nerf). Rangers were able to obtain too many overlapping damage amplifiers before this should be better after the balance patch. The Ulti skill of ranger remains untouched since it’s an important utility in both PVP and PVE. Scout’s Cataclysm is nerfed in order to inflate less ranged attack. This change affects only Rangers and Scouts.

Damage (Ranged Attack):
In general both Bow and Crossbow mastery have received buffs, this will lead to a greater amount of flat ranged attack given by those buffs based on your DEX stats. This buff will increase PVE & PVP damage. Fatal has also received a powerful buff to increase critical damage. These changes affect Archer, Scout & ranger.

AOE (Area Of Effect):
Rangers remain a ranged assassin type class which will not be given any AOE skills. Scouts have Scatter Shot which currently attacks 9 targets. This will be reduced to 6 targets. This has been decreased due to the fact that a 9 target long-range AOE with the applied damage boosts could cause for too much power in the PVP scenario. This change mainly affect the Scout class.

We will continue working on balancing other classes to improve this game and enhance the gaming experience for all players. We will soon have more news about the other classes!

More Power & Love Rohan!

Best regards
-R.O.H.A.N. Blood Feud & R.O.H.A.N. Balance Team-