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    Bought items from web item mall but it didnt appear on my mail box (bug or what??)

    so i spent 6000 rps to buy sakiel dual wield XG (L) and (R),
    it then listed on my purchase history but it didnt appear on my mail box
    basically means it takes my money but didnt gave me the things i bought

    i spend my rps as soon as the server is online after an emergency maintenance and also in a new ID with a lvl 15 character, (that might have to do with what caused the issue? )

    still no answer on my ticket so far (Ticket #300543) thats why i make this post hoping maybe GM will read this instead and help me solve the issue

    and sorry i just cant sit down waiting because im not often spend that much money, but now when i do i ran into problem

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    (SOLVED) thanks to GM Gabs for the response
    RPS restored

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