Weekend Update!

Announcing a new Package available on web mall:

Novice Platinum Package!

This new package is made to have everything you need to boost your level-up experience to the top quickly!

Also brings exclusive exp/drop items that you cannot find anywhere else, they are exclusive for this package.

Here is what it countains:

Words of Blessing Ruby 150% (30 days)
Pouch of Blessing Gold 100% (30 days)
Fishing Exp (4 Hours) - x2
Blessing of Gaius (7 days) - x1
Adorable Rex Costume - 7 Days

Additionally, get:
1 Golden Chest Key
1 Rascal Rabbit Balloon

to give a try on our mini-games!

More info: https://bit.ly/2rUHJIm

If level up is what you need, you won't find better package than this!

Also, to celebrate this new package release, for everyone who purchases this package between May 18th ~ 31th at 00:00 PDT will be participating on a raffle that will pick randomly 3 winners to win a bonus of 3000 Rps each!

*The winners will be announced at June 1st on this post.

Now you have no excuse to stay behind!

Love Seal ^^

Seal BoD Team.