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    the elephant in the room MASS SERVER DISCONECTS

    not going to be tactful or polite had enough of that and getting nowhere...... so lets try this FIX YOUR S.H.I.T. there is zero excuse for a game that's less than 3 months out the gate to have this much lag and disconnect issues... first off its not my internet my family can play wow fortnight and any other online game that uses way more bandwidth than this one no issues so don't give me that canned response. from the numbers of people griping about it its not just me thats having the issue. There are far to many players here for a single server the server icon at log in being orange and red indicates that. add another server and add more ram to the one you are useing either fix the lag and dc issues once and for all or close the game and restart. Kinda think that a full global release was a dumba.s.s. idea in the first place, and its showing now

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    I didnt have any lag issues so far, but these DC problems... it is a disgrace for an official server of game which is around 10 years old and still being developed

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