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    Illegal Crone Purchase Policy

    Greetings Rohanians!

    The Illegal Crone Purchase Policy is as follows:

    I. Any player caught purchasing crones from a 3rd party seller will have ALL of the crones on their account stripped regardless of the server the illegal crones were purchased on.

    II. If purchased crones are transferred to an alternate account, the alternate account will also have all of it's crones removed.

    III. Accounts found purchasing crones for the 1st time will be locked until our investigation team removes these crones. The account will then be placed on the Red Flag List.

    Red Flag List - Any accounts placed on the Red Flag list will have all of their in game and exchange market transactions continually monitored for further abuse. In addition, accounts placed on the Red Flag list will be denied ANY requests for item restoration or account compromises. Accounts placed on this list will remain on this list PERMANENTLY.

    IV. Accounts found to have purchased crones from a 3rd party seller that then attempt to sell these purchased crones on the Exchange Market will have their Exchange Market access removed for their involvement in fraudulent transactions. In addition, the RPs gained from the sale of these illegal crones will be removed from the account as well.

    V. Repeat offender accounts that have been found purchasing crones after already being warned/added to the Red Flag list will receive either a 7 day account suspension or permanent account closure.

    VI. Repeat offender accounts will have their Exchange Market access PERMANENTLY closed regardless of whether or not this account has attempted to resell illegal crones.

    VII. If an account is involved in ANY billing fraud issues involving purchased goods (Crones, Items or Characters) via 3rd party, then their account might also be banned and goods seized unless/until the issue can be resolved.

    VIII. In the event that an account that has been caught 2x already (and has not already been closed), upon the 3rd attempt to purchase crones from a 3rd party seller the account will be PERMANENTLY closed and their IP address will be placed on our Red Flag list for further investigation.

    Please note that we have the Exchange Market available for users that are interested in purchasing crones within the Terms of Service of our game. Attempting to purchase these crones from any other source is considered to be a violation of our Terms of Service, and will be dealt with accordingly.
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