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    Cool Rohan Discord/Speak Channel


    to get some more fun elements in your everyday rohan gameplay, me and my friends decided to start a rohan discord server,

    for you who are not familiar with discord it works the same as teamspeak, skype etc,

    So feel free to join to get someone to discuss with during your daily rpk, or rant on forums pvp etc,

    here is the link to the channel,

    hope to see you all very soon,



    Lets take the forum pvp to the next lvl lol

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    ohhh looks cool. Ima dl it later

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    Quote Originally Posted by xXxAurorAxXx View Post
    ohhh looks cool. Ima dl it later
    Downloading it is optional. Discord works in browser as well. I have not messed with it much in a browser though.
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    post a new invite or here is another discord: https://discord.gg/0n6wGjT4fXUWaGEU

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    everyone's going to use the text chat function anyway -__-
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    Can someone post a new Link?

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    I would set one up but I really don't have time or motivation to manage it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sourcerer View Post
    I would set one up but I really don't have time or motivation to manage it.
    i can help manage the group xD

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    link doesnt work

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