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    Salve's PVP Video

    QQ all the way, I'll eat snacks every day
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    Very nice. Thanks, I enjoy watching it, haha the snack has fast legs, you got it too tho

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    it makes me sad to see these empty pvp videos - you made a video of you chasing 3 people at lime? If i made videos in my prime (or knew how to =D) i would have classics bro
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toviraz View Post
    You cant kill an unarmed cat lol, you call me killing you alone a zerg? Well I see where youre coming from Im just too much to handle so you consider me a zerg lol
    Also Tayyar:
    getting rekt the whole 6:26 mins of this video

    Bruh xD

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    2.3mil mele....

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    balanced gaem heh

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    Quote Originally Posted by roflzilla View Post
    2.3mil mele....
    hehe you think 2,3M is a lot of melee but this video was without magic/melee % scrolls and multiple of the aura/buffs were lvl 6, also no stones on my armor. The next picture is with armor stones and more lvl 7s (at everything 7s & armor stones it's 3,4M melee)

    PS: This is all outside of PA, I have never tested the max melee I can get inside (since you have an extra 100% intel in PA) it should be way more lol
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    tayyar act fake afk on forum ?

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    All hail the almighty Salve! :3
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    And that's the thing about time, we cannot get it back.

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