The level booster for new characters is back! For limited time only!

During this weekend, you will be able to find the Level 200 Ticket (Delux) at the item mall, create a new character and go directly to level 200!

For those who still don't know this system:
This character will come with some equipment as gear, weapon, pet, guarder, pots, and costume, so your character is ready to start the adventure at the best phase of its life.

How to use it?

🔸Level 200 Ticket (Delux) is available on Item Mall
🔸Once you have the item on your cash inventory, click it and go to your character selection screen right after that to create a new character.
🔸Remember that you must have an open slot for creating a character.
🔸Login with your new character, it will be level 200! Congrats!
🔸You will be able to receive your items at the Item Mall and some of them at the cash inventory.

What will I receive with my character?

✨100,000 Fame points (automatic payment)
✨Word of Blessing Gold (7 days)
✨Pouch of Blessing Gold (7 days)
✨Blessing of Gaius (7 days)
✨Pet feeding bag (7 days)
✨Adorable Rex Costume (30 days)
✨Beginner's elegant flower carriage transformation ring (15 days)
✨Dragon Masterpiece XG Set
✨Heaven Egg
✨Vacation Weapon Voucher*

* You must go find the NPC Bale's Prisoner on vacation, bring him this voucher and he will exchange it for a Tipareth/Jikael's weapon depending on your class.

Read, this is important!
👉Create the characters immediately after using the item
👉These items are not tradeable
👉The Level 200 (Delux) item is not refundable once it is used

This item will be available from today August 07th to 11th at 12:00 PDT.

Obtain your level booster here:

Much love,
Seal B.O.D. Team