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    Nothing new do something before its to late

    Nothing new, game is almost dead, no sell of upgrade, decent player realize they cant afford upgrade unless they have plenty of $$$$, they cant com-petite to those upgrade welder AKA Gods of rohan. they quit. the Gods of rohan get bored because no more KOS, they realize the game is dead and not worth their time. GMS if you still dont realize whats wrong with this game, then you will wake one day that no one play it. Open your eyes and do something before its to late.

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    To be honest I saw an increase in the population in these times when activity is in the chain and everybody has what to farm, but drop rates are pretty small for new armor.
    There is a need for some bugs fixed on Ayss maps, is quite difficult especially for us from ISEN and staying for a night to farm and choose with 3-4 drops in all this time I find it ridiculous lol
    Undecided by the changes that have taken place lately.

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