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    Smile Future of the game

    Hey guys,

    Im very very curious if the big 3.0 Update which WAS announced on the official korean website will come to live servers and what the actual plan is for the game's future. I didnt get an answer from the GM I contacted so I thought might aswell try here is anyone has any more info than I do and can furthen my horizon. Was the big update with the UI changes and the 400 trans lvls ever implemented in korea since I cant find anything on that or will it be implemented in the future.? Right now I have hope for the game especially in korea. Since they made a mobile title which seems to do quite well over there. Which means they are making more money than before which COULD mean that we can expect those kind of updates in the future. Long story short does anyone have any further info than I do. Please share your thoughts and info with me.

    much appreciated

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    One thing you will never be able to pin company reps (aka GMs) down on is details on their company's future plans. You might get a hint on something they may be evaluating or "discussing" but you will never get a solid yes/no answer. The reason for that is anything they provide as a real yes/no answer will be taken as a commitment by the company to follow through. And those people are not empowered to discuss anything of that sort.

    The reason for that is employees are forbidden on pain of termination to to reveal any future plans the company has or does not have - unless it has been explicitly signed off and by both the company CEO and their legal team. Their employment contract includes strong NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements). The only person that can provide an answer like that without reprisals from his higher-ups is the company CEO and even then only after careful study from the company's legal consultants. That said you can bet the farm that you will never hear so much as a peep from that person on the company's future plans. They would much rather keep quiet than risk binding promises.
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