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  1. Review on scouts? Also best supports in game right now?

    Iím a returning player making a scout and would like to know some info on how they are in the current meta. As well as good support like vit defender, psy priest, etc. (Also agi pred is support?) If...
  2. WTT/S INT ONYX +8/9 Gaunt/Tasset MAX PDF + 1k HP Dlvl 109/115 + MORE ITEMS

    WTT/S Glacial Staff +7 Dlvl 96 MA62 , HP/MP 4/4
    WT/S Glacial Zhen +9 HP 68 , DD 48

    send me message or whisper MichelleObama or Harambe

    RIP Harambe
  3. WTS Fenattis Ray +7 50ME 30DD Max Dlvl / Glacial Shield +9 Max pdf +hp max Dlvl

    pm or reply on here
  4. Replies

    Wtb e. Bedron dlvl with +

    Must find asap. Needs high pdef PM me details lets talk
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