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  1. asfhjsahd
    the best solutions to this rpking issue is removing MR , but if that is done there will technically never be any pvp anywhere and no guild fights or boss fights which would make the game boring , to satisfy that fact and still maintain a healthy pvp enviroment , put instant MR on every1 who is a boss room and maybe the hallways and adjacent rooms , for example ruler room , the 4 hallways on either sides and those rooms , and ofc dont apply this on all the bosses , just the major ones like ruler , silva , phoenix , beze , all other mini bosses should just have it in that room , this will ensure that pvping is maintained without fear of anything
  2. asfhjsahd
    c) MR which allows richer ppl and previously stronger ppl to just walk around destroying the game for every1 , i placed chars in both of the major guilds in this game and watched that i get pked once every 30-40 mins , so i decided to make totally new chars and leave them guildless , the number of ppl who walk around rpking is a joke , i get killed by ppl over and over and over just cuz they feel like being douche bags to every1 trying to level , and ofc seeing as eclipse and vietepic r the current main rpkers u can track what they do , log the GM , buff MR on every1 , rpk for 2 hours non stop , and maybe even buff multiple chars with MR and once it runs out on one member , they relog onto the other one and continue the rpking streak .
  3. asfhjsahd
    b) all characters with aoe need to be fixed ,lets take up a wiz , u have 10% lifesteal , if ur basic atk does 1k dmg and u hit 1 person u heal 100 dmg , if u hit 10 ppl ( assuming using destroy will make u hit 10 targets in total including the main target like all other races ) dealing 1k dmg to each , u should get a total leech back of 1k health , in the truth of the scenario ur gonna heal 10k , because there is a fault in the code that calculates the total dmg ( which calculates dmg done to all targets and not per target ) then multiplies that and gives it back on each hit , in other words if u hit 10 ppl with 1k each , the game counts it as if u r hitting each for 10k thus giving a massive recovery , once this is fixed ull see y i said buff of the dmg scaling on order swing charge up , and ull also notice that a templar in group pvp who has his aoe on and once hits that aoe shot he heals the whole party to full hp (thats due to massive dmg+this aoe mess up)
  4. asfhjsahd
    7) General :
    a) change the link of cdr between normal hp pots and holy wine , holy wine , holy water , and heavenly teardrops should each have their separate cooldown which should be 2 mins + , those pots r supposed to be life savers not a test of who can spam faster to maintain his hp
  5. asfhjsahd
    5) Scouts :
    i honestly dont know what needs to be done there , they r a perfectly useless race , rework the scouts in some way that makes it viable in pvp again , and i would prefer that u ask a scout lover whats wrong cuz they can give u perfect details
    6) Warlocks :
    a) reduce the lifetime of his mirror so that it isnt chained on forever or increase its cooldown ( either one of them works fine )
    b) reduce the debuff power of the stats drain and decrease skills , a warlock shouldnt turn a full vit char with 200k hp into a cute puppy with 40k hp , thats just ridiculous , or massivly increase their cooldowns , 5 mins cdr at lvl 7 is a minimum , a person shouldnt walk around blasting the balls out of every1s stats
  6. asfhjsahd
    4) Guardians :
    a) make their stone skin 50 seconds again , else they r useless since it runs out far too quickly for them to do anything
    b) increase the order swing scaling so that it can charge more dmg in a shorter period and increase its cooldown , for example intead of 8% charge and 2 min cooldown , make it like 15% charging and 5 minute cooldown ( so that ppl dont spam it ) and keep its duration the same , dont change it , its just perfect the way it is
  7. asfhjsahd
    3) Dhan :
    a) apply a cooldown on hide , and i dont mean the 5 seconds thing like riding a mount , what i mean is if u r in hide and u cast a skill on some1 , ur hide goes into cooldown for the next 2 minutes or so , u shouldnt be able to just silence and pouch some1 till he runs out of pots and u kill him , and in the bad case that he counters or some bug happens , the dhan will just go into hide and kapoof , not gonna be seen till all his skills r ready again
    b) decrease the length of silence and pouch ( talking about lvl 7 here ) or put a longer cooldown on them or put them both on the same cooldown so u cant chain the enemey till he decides to give up spamming pots
    c) increase cooldown on pp and dpp , those are meant to be assasination skills that r used to hit and run , not hit and hide for 5 seconds then fire them off again
  8. asfhjsahd
    b) determine the type of dmg for the ffs and dffs already , its been 7 years for this game and 1 of 3 skills that r supposed to block it actually do block it , and here is the proof , turn on magical shield on a mage and fire ffs , its dmg is reduced and shot back at the attacker , lvl 7 stone skin , skill says it blocks both , yet u can be killed by an ffs or dffs ( the same skill that was being countered on mages and counted as a magical atk ) , 3rd and last skill is rangers magical immunity skill ( not sure of its name ) , u can die by its dmg and still get hit by it as if its some other type of atk , and just a recheck , let me know if there r any other types of dmg than these 2 mentions , physical and magical
  9. asfhjsahd
    c) reduce the dmg on shield strike , no skill is ever meant to one shot another full vit build , full vits r built for the sole purpose of tanking it , go watch envy shield strike for 80k regulars and crits of like 200k , and if the skill is meant to be a glass cannon shot , raise its cooldown to 5 minutes like a guardians stone skin
    2) Dekans :
    a) reduce the scaling figure on ffs and thus changes the scaling for dffs , which again is a skill that can tear down any race in one shot , inculding full vit builds , go look at rakata and the strong dekans , they fire off normal dffs worth of 100k+ , going to crit for 200k+ , just think of it , a pure vit build that can tank so much dmg , and has the capability to fire off one shot to kill a target , sounds balanced right ?
  10. asfhjsahd
    ok u wanted suggestions atzigan , here :
    1) Templar:
    a) fix what ever exists in the templar code that makes him do 9 times the dmg as some1 else who has the same melee (if u dont believe me test it between a human/dhan/archers/str dekans/templar) ull find out that what ever the dmg output from those chars is , its always different for the other races , best check is a test i did with one of my templar friends , both of us at 11k melee , he does 10k to mobs (templar) and i do 4k to mobs (guardian) and the difference scaling becomes even more of a joke as the melee figure rises
    b) reduce the life time of chrono so that u cant stack chrono over for more than once and have urself cast the same skill 3 times
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