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  1. knuffl88
    you have too much energy, you know that? xD

    and it's just a 30 second post limit I think *wonders*

    I so feel like going home right now, we have reaally cold weather today. Yesterday 24 and today 9 xD

    its such a cuddle-in-bed-day :<
  2. EaglePhoenix
    I didn't post on my own wall >.>

    haha lolz, a woman with ballz or so is the saying. Drunk ppl on random places, especially subways since those places are already creepy enough, are just gross.

    Many e-hugs will do the trick (but only if they're many!) It's all about the person they come from :P
    But yuh, i'm sure i can make it this time. I hope, i mean, i don't have much choice, do i? XD Would hate myself for it, really. I don't get that many opportunities, cause something always fux it up, so i gotta grab this with both hands tehee.

    And i could do worse, but i gotta wait to repost x-amount of seconds, kind of annoying, WAI THEY LIMIT MY TEXTS MENZ *sobs*


    that bunny, t'is cute o.o
  3. EaglePhoenix
    4 msg's, read from below to above >.<


    no long posts, pfft, ima file in a ticket !
  4. EaglePhoenix
    All in all, excited but U B E R nervous for next week and all that. No known ppls, new classes i don't know how to find them, new teachers, new rules i have no clue about, new city i've almost never been and such.

    Save meh! D:
  5. EaglePhoenix
    They told me i MUST reach at least 70% at the end of the year, or i'll get kicked. So, i guess ima studies a lot more often o.o.
    It's kind of odd, but i feel really way more motivated for college at this new one, than at my previous years where i didn't really get a boost. Perhaps no rohan much and such has something to do with it, i don't know. It's also my last chance so yerr, perhaps i'm a chicken and wetting my pants at the thought of having to do a silly silly job if i don't get my bachelor done.
  6. EaglePhoenix
    It'd be sweet if you can get such a "vast" contract - a job, money and no worries about job searching and shiz. I had my summerjob there, especially those last 3 days, done pretty well at my job and they asked me to send through my college shedules so they could call me to come work more often. It would've been a major boost to my CV later on and also lots of experience in the business. But now college fk'dd totally up and now i changed to a new one and guess well. I won't skip lessons there now. It's also a lot more ehm "strict" compared to my old college.
  7. EaglePhoenix
    Haha yeh, i know what you mean. Sometimes i was hella bad, sometimes i could - like you do - kick in one after the other. I remember once, i had some great day and we went to billiard again with some peeps on another time after that. The one friend was like: i team with jona, he's pro. I kind of fk'd it up that day tho xD guess he regretted his choice lmao. All in all, who curres about winning or not when you're having a great time :P . Pah, and you're a woman, they should let you win ! Unless they're also female o.o
    Oktoberfests are done by now aren't they?
  8. EaglePhoenix
    fux these forums, msg error cause it's too long. i'll have to split it >.<
  9. EaglePhoenix
    you work with that "good" chef today? or is he gone? But hey, next year exams and then.. then well, actually what then? xD You stay there at that work or? I mean, it's not really work-work now but an internship, isn't it?

    @ billiard: harr lol, limousines? ;o Your own chauffeur already and all that. Let them be "Bob" tho. Win again this time :P, it's been ages since i've done that. Used to do it with friends to celebrate end of every exam period (before getting our marks) in highschool. But haven't done it since, wonder if i still can do something useful with such a cue other than scratching the table's surface.
  10. EaglePhoenix
    you're kinda not alone lol, at least you still got work. Though it sounds like there ain't much work to do atm?

    Wanted to chat lil on fb lol, thought that was what you called for, but you logged out right after. I'm kinda reading to pass the time but it's not really that exciting *yawns*
    Played 30 mins on NTW but got bored too after first battle so gave up on that as well for now

    what's the plans for going out in the weekend?
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