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  1. EaglePhoenix
    Oh and already back from shopping o.O
    Was rather quicky, lol. Just lil problem at the book store, she was convinced i had to pay 500 euro's and i was convinced i so didn't have to lol. Can try that with me on a sunday early morning, but not on a wednesday afternoonish, i are awake already. D'uh.
  2. EaglePhoenix
    lmao wee nice ^^ knew you would do well :P besides, a little bit of healthy nerves are a must, if you're not nervous _at all_ there's something wrong ;o

    I somehow "like" doing presentations, it's a lot more fun than studying tehee. Getting the PPT done and all that, knowing what you're talking bout etc etc, it just sux when it has to be done in french lmao. But I assume they were that kind enough to let you talk in german xD

    @orangGila: she's mah cheerleader, muchas more fun than for Bayern München!
  3. OrangGila
    so u re not working for bayern? how saaddd what kind of programmer?
  4. OrangGila
    so u work for bayern munich? as a cheerleader? xD
  5. EaglePhoenix
    Lmao modern parents ;o, mine wouldn't prolly find anything on the net even when it's right in front of them lol. But yuh waiting till april to drive with cars is smart idea better late and safe.

    Ima go for lunch x.x dying from hunger here lol
  6. EaglePhoenix
    Hah well, at least got mah shower, still waiting on lunch tho >.<

    200euro's isn't muchas o.o, but i thought it was closer by xD thought this month or next month or so lol, april is quite some time and that right before exams ;o. Eitherhow planning such things is always fun :P not to mention it's something nice to look forward to o.o
    4-5 peeps, sounds like a party in the making ^^
  7. EaglePhoenix
    Guessing you're busy working or had to hush for pwesentation so i'll take advantage of that to crawl out of bed, get a shower and such and go have lunch

    Good luck on the presentation !

    Lemme know how it went o.o
  8. EaglePhoenix
    lmao, ok! Any preferences? o.O

    and lol yeh, a weekend should be more fun, it's quite a tad driving so could as well get the most of it :P When does it play? Poor collegues, but keep nagging! xD and if that doesn't work, you always got the pouting and puppy eyes tactics - shouldn't be a problem to find someone :P
    Allow me to say tho that König der Löwen sounds funny lol

    i might, just might, go on a city trip with my bro end of this month (got somewhere a week holidays) or somewhere in early november, just for a couple of days. Depends when he got free time, it's prolly gonna be France tho lol, i hope them peeps talk english too.. might give me troubles else lol. Not yet sure where to, he's the planner, i just go with xD
  9. EaglePhoenix
    lmao, well, i crawled back in bed (regardless of the time being 11am) so hurr ! And i go buy shoes >.> aand get my college books this afternoon pewpew. Fkrs 350 euro's for 11 books and i guess another 100 for the shoes lol, will only buy one pair tho >.>

    I knew hamburg was a city xD but isn't that quite a long long distance from munich? It's nearly as long as from my city (coast) till the other end of belgium (which then again isn't that big tho lol) at least 3h driving o.O
    Lion king musical, sounds something for you hopes you finds someone to go with, it's gonna be fun
  10. EaglePhoenix
    butt the poor hairz =/
    and lol, i could not help but think it's not that hard for you to hide in a jacket other than yours *chuckles*

    Ah forgive me =P the pwesentation will go great will be done before you know it. No rushing, no stressing, no fasttalkingtogetitalloutquickie and such :] *patpats*

    oh and whats with the hamburger musical thing? xD my german soks this early in the morning. Oh also a kos irl, cuz you just made me get out of bed to grab the lappy so i can type fasta xD
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