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  1. Kraszer
    I see. Mate tell me please if 2 diff pairs of twins are working ? For example pair of vit twins and pair of int twins?
  2. GMNoob
    Ya, I know both versions are the same but I was refering to how the two differ slightly. I know ours gets the updates and patches from K and then US YNK recodes it for ours pleasure. Thou they are the same they do differ in damage and in other ways. Hell my fairy talked in Korean for over a year before I had them fix it. Normally when my sources tell me something its correct. Well see if this twin sister issue is correct or not. Take care now.
  3. Kraszer
    Hey Soul~ , to be honest there are 2 versions in Korea, 1 is "our" and second one is different one (all classes have pact/alliance or whatever, for example elf is in "alliance" with dekan, etc. but idk so many details about it). Atm "our" version opened a new free server to bring back a lot of ppl, also templar and dekan are top playable classes and scout there is for farm, but still worthless (better than here). If they will fix it there, automatically we'll get their patches, but they won't inform us about everything (50-60% of it is still unknown) like you can notice in patch notes. Furthermore last patch had a lot of files to download and they added only 3-4 dashes according to it.
    Take care mate and come back.
  4. GMNoob
    Ya, I know Korean Management controls what happens or not but we do have a different version then they do with slightly different rules. We'll see what happens so far I've been 100% on what happens over the years.
  5. Kraszer
    Ah I understand now sir, but tbh, I doubt if they could change something without Korean Ynk's premission. But well tomorrow i will check Korean servers to get some info about upcoming patches here.
  6. GMNoob
    hey, rumor is that we'll get to use both sets and not just one coming up soon. YNK hasn't come back with an official answer since I think my question and issue deals with whats coming up. I was the first one with both sets and I do belive they changed it after my forum's post. Ya without boss drops my giant lacked some vit but was awesome with the whole set. I could see him in the 20+K melee easy and since giants are dps that would of been mind blowing. All this with just epic dagger not full upgrade. I ran a full upgrade and that was just incredible as well.
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