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    Hello. My name is Josh and i have had an issue with my account getting locked then unlocked over the last 2 days. My account is liketha7 but i have 10 other accounts because i played this game for 4 years. Im not sure if my account is locked becaus i had alot of rps and i transfered among my accounts or what because ynk doesnt give me a real reason why my account is locked.ill provide you with tickets i have submitted.
    Ticket ID: 82300
    Ticket ID: 82297
    Ticket ID: 82296
    Ticket List 81840,,,,, I am an honest person and I dont understand why they cant provide me with proof or evidence of why my account is locked in 4 years i have played this has never happened to me. I have IM acc lvl 7s talismans ultipack being wasted on that account.
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