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  1. EaglePhoenix
    Well.. i'm just wondering if you received any mail on your gmail account? Since pm'ing not this forums ain't as easy as it could be. Not being impatient for it to be solved but it would be nice to know if the request actually arrived so i can expect for it to be looked into some day at least.

    Not quite sure if you will actually read this, as i've left syze another visitor message a week or so ago (about something else) and have not yet received any sign of reading-notice.

    D'oh well, thanks in advance.
  2. UnaRohanesa
    Hello EaglePhoenix ... I just saw a post from you about not knowing me email address. I thought I had put my email in a the post I put on the visitor wall before (hmm... did I even post?) Well here it is If I'm just all jumbled up about the dates and everything with you has been resolved, nevermind. Just want to make sure you don't feel like there's no way to contact staff.
  3. EaglePhoenix
    Re: poem prizes


    Thank you very much. I hope I did not appear impatient (as I surely could have waited some time longer), I was merely wondering where to look for it as I have never heard of a gamerscode before and had totally no idea what to expect. All items have been received, thanks.


    P.s.: I seem unable to pm you back - keeps giving me an unspecified error. So I'll post it on here in the hope you get the message after all
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