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  1. frank93usa
    I'll be waiting for that day !
  2. xXxAurorAxXx
    lol Coffee is good, but Im more of a beer and wine kinda girl ehehehe. Anyways who knows, someday I might get out of this god awful boring country I live in and see the rest of the world! lol
  3. frank93usa
    haha kay Karren ! thank you! Let me know if you get to NYC someday, maybe we can go out. And have a couple of coffee, nah ! who does that anymore, right? well there are lot of place to go out there, just pm me !

    Just do it me a favor, take care of yourself.
  4. xXxAurorAxXx
    Hai Frankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Hope your taking care of yourself and having fun
  5. xXxAurorAxXx
    Great to hear your doing wonderful. Im good too

    Just wanted to say hi before, I sometimes miss chatting to people from in game lol
  6. frank93usa
    Hey! thx, yes I'm doing wonderful. Hope you doing great too tk
  7. xXxAurorAxXx
    Haiiiii Frank, Hope your well
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