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  1. imokejoints
    Check yo pms
  2. imokejoints
    Heya <3 how was ur weekend
  3. xXxAurorAxXx
    Dont know. Haven't been paying to much attention to the game last few days tbh.
  4. imokejoints
    they doin maint was told they werent
  5. imokejoints
    u getin back ingame?
  6. imokejoints
    Heya wont let me post on forums
  7. imokejoints
    heya gmornin
  8. imokejoints
    kk i will gn <3 check ur when wake up or tmrw ^^
  9. xXxAurorAxXx
    kk, Check ya email when you have time. Im out of here, my bed is calling to me hehe
  10. imokejoints
    Yea idk why it wouldnt work either and kk ill send email later aswell yea its ate there ardy xD glad caught u on here tho
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