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  1. knuffl88
    na not planning to play anything in close future. Ill have exams next year and such so I stay away from time-stealing-things til then :P
  2. OrangGila
    try dragon fren told me its a new game where the max lvl atm is only 24 and they re still giving free IM stuffs..i wanna try that once i get my windows
  3. knuffl88
    uh Idk, I might install it in a year or two again. But I doubt that lol. Rather another game where you aren't bound to 3h scrolls or anything. 1h must be enough >.<
  4. OrangGila
    how long will u be busy? gonna install windows asap but then i'll not see u around sad
  5. knuffl88
    with the exception that I won't xD
    but yah theoretically I could ;o
  6. OrangGila
    but still u can install it anytime and play unlike saaadddd
  7. knuffl88
    lmao what for? I said that I uninstalled it xD
  8. OrangGila
    go change to mac so u cant play rohan too
  9. knuffl88
    I mean:

    I feel wiff yoo *pats*
  10. knuffl88
    haha soks to be u xD
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