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  1. knuffl88
    YOUUU. I expect a fwaaat report! How was it :O

    *all curious*
  2. EaglePhoenix
    @orangGila: Does it matter? If i can't kos her ingame, i'll just have to kos her irl. Hurr!
  3. EaglePhoenix
    CAUGHT !

    *catches you too* , well yah he's doing pretty goody. Got such medaille thingy to wear on his costumes and civil clothes for 1 year cause he had 100% on physical tests and such. I don't mind him going to foreign operations lol, it's his job but, damn 6 months is long. Very long.

    Oh and, ever watched the movie "no strings attached"? Lol, watched it yesterday, was kindof funny mostly xD
  4. knuffl88
    wah no you didnt tell me D:

    seems hes doing a good job there x.x

    and YIEEHAA, catch that cow.. er sister o.o
  5. EaglePhoenix
    fux: i gotta go afk for abouts 20 mins, gotta catch lil sis from school *goes getting the lasso*
    Mom needs to get bro from station with his whole army shebang.

    P.s.: did i tell you yet that he's been selected as the 3 out of his companion to go to Kabul/afghanistan for 6 months (! D: ) in next june/july? o.o
  6. EaglePhoenix
    lmfao. *pfiew*

    Wouldn't want that posted on forums ! :O
  7. knuffl88
    halfnaked being o:

    And I cant enjoy the peepshow. /wrist

    life is so unfair :<
  8. EaglePhoenix
    and i might not be awake , true >.>

    I forgot about that
  9. EaglePhoenix
    pssh, my room its warm, cuz i can't leave windows open when it rains (hey t'is belgium, it rains a lot) i'd be unhappily surprised in mornings. Also all those mosquito's would be a pain. It's a roof window velux thing. I do have such net like thingy to scroll over the window but yah somehow i still get mosquito's - i nuh understands, and well yah there'd be still the rainy thing.

    I usually sleepz with pyjama pants/shortz >.> just no shirt.
  10. knuffl88
    oh I did. Oops o.o

    no1 saw >.<

    meh warm and fluffeh imcludes some lazy evening on the couch/bed *_* So I rather skip it for today sigh. But still wantz *pouts*
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