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  1. EaglePhoenix
    Would be quite the presentation ... O.o
  2. EaglePhoenix
    LOlol sry kinda slow typing on ipod, good morning germany! Hppy bday to the dog;o

    Iew presentations D: big one? For many peepz? Butt! You will do great *nods* they can be fun
  3. knuffl88
    rofl, a pillow and blanket wouldnt be bad here either o: might buy me some :<
  4. knuffl88

    ha lol it's like good morning america xD Just a morning show with news of the (early) day and a lil stars-blabla. Today their dog had bday xD turned 4 lol. Was kinda cute xD

    lol na, I left at 9, was cuddling my bed for like 1h too long xD

    BUT can I haz be nervous? Like.. NERVOUS! I haz to hold a presentation today. Haha... fok u all ._.
  5. EaglePhoenix
    Actually nvm y left home so unless you dragged along pillow and matress you most prolly aint in bed anymore o.0 how disappo.. Cough xD hows work then?
  6. EaglePhoenix

    Wow, went to bed earljer than me o.o you lazy you! And lol, a good morning show? XD what's thatte o.o
    You're at work now or still in bedz? O.o
  7. knuffl88
    don't you butt at me!

    and lol, I went to bed at 10.30, woke up at 7.15 and been ssooooo damn lazy that I left home at 9. Crawled in bed and watched a good-morning-show lmao o.o

    hai :3
  8. EaglePhoenix
    I knoow QQ, i wuz tired, went to bed at eleven but feels like ive been awake all night D:
    Still in bed though but still, and that on my free day pshh i wantz a refund!

    Butt good morning ;o
  9. knuffl88
    fishie fishie o.o

    you are up already O.O

    who iz you and what did u do to mah fish?
  10. EaglePhoenix
    Visitor messages not made for fwat reports, at least it doesn't let me.
    Well, was kindof a pretty useless day heh - guess tomorrow another try. Hopefully more luck then. It's kindof funny how i went through the day today - looking back afterwards. At least parents and some friends seemed to have that kindof "oooh poor you...but i still gotta laugh hella hard" moment.

    Will write it on fb, allows me more room. Reminds me, you didn't reply yet btw
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