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  1. EaglePhoenix
    Ha lol, had to send msg on fb cuz too long for silly forumz. Just wanted to say though, that it's good you're planning to go by cars to Hamburg in april, i've just read in newspaper they're kindof sabotaging the trainrails up there (?) xD (well, more like Berlin atm) but still..
  2. EaglePhoenix
    IF you let me, i will!
  3. EaglePhoenix
    Yau, goodie that no one had it that far yet ;o

    I'ma go crawl in bedz, study a bit for management and sleepzors. Gotta get up at 5.30

  4. knuffl88
    haha lol yah I have to @.@ and lmao!
    no1 pissed me that much. yet xD gnite there
  5. EaglePhoenix
    omg lol, means you have to re-do everything or what? o.O
    Send him that mail anyways :3 just make sure the crime-scene is clear ;o no leads to you hurr. Any collegues you want to get rid off? Send the virus from his/her pc xD
  6. knuffl88
    lol @ 500 euros

    menz, my chef is a horse. He forgot to tell me that if I do any updates, I have to stop our recons cause those disable the "write" right. Means I did TONS of updates without writing them in the active directory at all... *blubs* Can I pout? I go home now before I send him a virus during a mail lol
  7. EaglePhoenix
    Oh and already back from shopping o.O
    Was rather quicky, lol. Just lil problem at the book store, she was convinced i had to pay 500 euro's and i was convinced i so didn't have to lol. Can try that with me on a sunday early morning, but not on a wednesday afternoonish, i are awake already. D'uh.
  8. EaglePhoenix
    lmao wee nice ^^ knew you would do well :P besides, a little bit of healthy nerves are a must, if you're not nervous _at all_ there's something wrong ;o

    I somehow "like" doing presentations, it's a lot more fun than studying tehee. Getting the PPT done and all that, knowing what you're talking bout etc etc, it just sux when it has to be done in french lmao. But I assume they were that kind enough to let you talk in german xD

    @orangGila: she's mah cheerleader, muchas more fun than for Bayern München!
  9. knuffl88

    pfew done lol. First 2 min a little fast cause of nervousity but the rest was well I explained it well and my presence was right.

    check! xD Just need to get the start under controll in future.

    I still hate it D: lol
  10. EaglePhoenix
    Lmao modern parents ;o, mine wouldn't prolly find anything on the net even when it's right in front of them lol. But yuh waiting till april to drive with cars is smart idea better late and safe.

    Ima go for lunch x.x dying from hunger here lol
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