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  1. knuffl88
    annoying unsteady feeling -.- it's so... unsteady :<

    hope you feel better atm lol *goes mumbling in her bed*
  2. EaglePhoenix
    *sighs* can't keelz them? Not even in ass-mode? Q.Q

    thankies and you too oh and huggies back o.o
  3. EaglePhoenix
    Lol'd at crap on pc

    dun be too bored you're going on holidays - i mean, its something to look forward to xD - better than being at work or getting annoyed by my spamming =P
    Think i'll be bored too though -.-', might do the same as you (watching crap on pc (or tv) or read a book (or my french) or .. dunno x.X)
  4. knuffl88
    on tv* lol

    Have some nice week and dont kill your french examiners Imma cross my fingers.

    hugz and ofd
  5. knuffl88
    yah soks muchas :'(

    Im on mobile.atm but we have dinner inba min and then I dunno what Ill do lol. Be bored I think. Or read. Or watch some crap on pc xD
  6. EaglePhoenix
    aawk - soks :O

    I like the good news too ^^, now all i need is gloves and boots (still using my 7x pd edwin ones) and i'm settled armor wise c", so about 6k rps to waste still which is doable, soon getting that pack hurr.

    Now, not sure if you can be on pc for longer or not so if i don't get to talk to you anymore - have a great time at Italy (? o.o) a nice tan (aka great weather), awesum beaches and tasty meals. :3
  7. knuffl88
    rofl I like the good news more :P

    no I wont :/ just sent a few mails for work from dads pc. My stick is in the bagage already
  8. EaglePhoenix
    I have good news and i have bad news.

    Bad news is: i went from 7.1k rps down to 3 070 and left with hardly any crones.

    The good news is: I got a bedron helmet 144pd 382+100hp o.o

    P.S.: you ain't coming on are you? Q.Q
  9. EaglePhoenix
    Yah i knoes bout lufts, was just not sure about shield =] you first said yes then no then dunno =P

    Going to sleep too here, was searching some stuffs - might join in that event with the movie poster for the jokes. But gotta get photoshop first -.- so waiting on the weekend to stealz from bro, but shht don't tell him o.o .

    Tiny lil slowpoke then

    nightynight *off*
  10. knuffl88
    I nuh slowpoke

    yuh I dun need 7 atm. Got one on luft for next alm. I even mentioned it xD

    good night there, going to sleepz
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