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  1. halfdemon
    I am sure forever members said weirder things, dont judge me ! wow i should stop spamming your profile right >.< well you dont seem to mind , but maybe you do but you didnt say well idk anyways delete it if it annoys you @@
  2. halfdemon
    It was a joke lol i am sure you woulda known if i was there I am in accelerando I could be in forever in an alternative reality it wasnt really a lie >.<
  3. halfdemon
    lol I am in obviously in Forever :P ><
  4. halfdemon
    Hello , Just to be clear the ideas I post in forum are my own and DON'T represent the ideas of the guild I am in , Thanks !
  5. halfdemon
    Haha considering that you reply to most new threads I use your find all posts as a shortcut to find new threads.
  6. halfdemon
    Hello, How come I can't pm you?
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