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  1. imokejoints
    im sry i see it now adn idk hun i got few emails sayin they are changin msn into skye now and i dont have ti yet cuz didnt want DL adn then could mess up msn stuff and then couldnt ge tin touch with u anymore so i left it for now think march 19 or somethin they will shut msn down skype bought them
  2. xXxAurorAxXx
    Awww. And what do you mean, changing everything to skype? I have skype. Do you? Gimme your info if you do.
  3. imokejoints
    hmm nope didnt maybe missed it i had tons spam went to Atlantic City few times for bday i sent u one arround xmas time didnt hear back from u for few weeks havent been in inbox in while adn idk bout the msn maybe got somethin do with them changin everythin to skype
  4. xXxAurorAxXx
    Did you get my email I sent you weeks ago? I got no reply..Anyways I cant seem to get my bloody msn to work and I duno why. I re downloaded it so many times and still it wont work!
  5. imokejoints
    Heya <3 how are u?
  6. xXxAurorAxXx
    I did, better now tho
  7. imokejoints
    Heya <3 hope u had good day.
  8. xXxAurorAxXx
    Mike <3
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