Conversation Between EaglePhoenix and OrangGila

  1. OrangGila
    ok make it 111rps! deal?
  2. EaglePhoenix
    Out of your league
  3. OrangGila
    i'll pay theeem!! including u!! 100rps each
  4. EaglePhoenix
    nobody could ever get as much reputation as me either how ;o*coughs*
  5. OrangGila
    ah so i cant get reputation like u?
  6. EaglePhoenix
    Not anymore, they disabled it for dunno what reason
  7. OrangGila to give rep to ppl? are u still able to do that now or only before?
  8. EaglePhoenix
    I don't know lol, guess from posting often and have many ppl "liking" my posts (was a future that is disabled now). You could add reputation if a post was very good in your opinion. Like I received some reputation for helping newbies with their questions (eventually by a GM), some reputation for bashing on gnyu and making random funny comments (whether or not against TechStep/gnyu or anyone else), i remember lyrical and penguin joe having rep'd me too. lol. Pitty they took that away tho.
  9. OrangGila
    wow i juse noticed u re no 1 on Top Reputation on forum!! how do u get those?
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