Conversation Between knuffl88 and OrangGila

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  1. OrangGila
    hi knuffl!!!! how are u doinnggggg...still remember me?
  2. OrangGila
    uh...ok then scary gurl...keep bunny around and be happy xD
  3. knuffl88
    you dont. Im seriously no fun if Im mad lol
  4. OrangGila
    lol okok...but i wanna see the look of u when u get mad
  5. knuffl88
    nop, as I said not for anyone.

    Now stop asking before I get mad
  6. OrangGila
    not even for meee???? meanieeee!
  7. knuffl88
    nope. Not for anyone.
  8. knuffl88
    erm no. I'm not a hacker -.-
  9. knuffl88
    lol, criminal o.o !

    I have no idea, I've never tried and never will :P
  10. knuffl88
    we had this kind of "lessons", too, yah :P
    not planning to use it in any way though xD
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