Conversation Between GNYU and ShadowAce

  1. ShadowAce
    I am sorry but I do not have any enchanted alloy weapons. Please continue to farm them like any honest player would.
  2. GNYU
    May I have the Enchanted Alloy (Polearm or Club) melee 14 and the Elite Split (Dual Sword) Melee 14 and the Broken (axe) melee 14. please! For free! These are the last parts need to make these Glacial sets I have. Can't fine these parts anywhere. Please Check your guild Warehouse for these items. I have a lot of sets ready to make these weapons......I also can make some extra's as payment for your help in this. I will use the best option stones from the item mall! I will return these Glacial (ancient) back to you also for free.
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