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  1. EaglePhoenix
    Only just saw your msg! >.>

    Just trying the new server atm :P Not quite sure if I can go through all the EM hassle in order to sell stuff =P but I may do so at some point..maybe.. lol, but thanks!

    And yes!
    And no!
    You know me, one isn't enough Currently more focused on the scout than the guardian (the fish is just lvl 1 - for the name)

    PS: you can't PM because they deleted the old forums without actually removing them. So my inbox is full of your old msg's (your fault) and so is my outbox (also your fault) and I can't delete them (their fault) because they're there without being there!
    If that made any sense?
    (I've deleted some Pm's after forum wipe so I can now receive a couple more pm's - all that fanmail D: )
  2. knuffl88
    Huuuuuuhuuu! I've heard you are playing again ^^ trying the new server or on ran/jin atm? Just wanted to say if you want to use/sell my stuff - feel free to do so. You haz my permission and such and it wouldn't feel like it's all useless now So back to guardian, aye?

    PS: somehow can't pm you, getting an error msg :<
  3. EaglePhoenix
    Bunny invasion D:
  4. knuffl88
    haha yah. I use them even at work in our chat system xD
  5. EaglePhoenix

    More of you crazy bunnies than I could imagine o.o'
  6. knuffl88
    Facebook! Nao!
  7. EaglePhoenix
    Well I don't think he owns her but more like has access to it by whoever owns the account, or something likewise o.O
    And yeah i did doubt you would get an answer to that xD

    You saw sairu? o.o how yu mean?

    (p.s.: Luftiekuss sounds ehm cute(?) o.O)
    p.p.s.: how's yoooooooooooooooooooou?
  8. knuffl88
    LOL kadeem haz mah Luftiekuss? D: Oh menz. WHUTASHAME
    Well no wonder I get no answer then :'( pewpewpew
    And I saw Sairu xD
  9. EaglePhoenix
    if it's zbyq you pm'd then roflcopters - that's kadeem (dunno if you remember him still but if you do, it might occur why he didn't reply yet :P)

    New owner of luft is pretty much blabubble pfail, saw a pvp of him/her in it as well (on which i commented with the result of me being kos'd even tho i wasn't even playing - go figure lol).

    You has cursed yourself D: so long not logging in on forums and now at last ^^, things are still as ragey and dramatic as before so as concerns that things didn't change at all. 'xcept that you're now supposedly should be ignoring me apparently for unknown dark reasons :P

    Sounds your work is as much fun as my college atm glad it's weekend eh eh eh
  10. knuffl88
    lol I dunno o:
    needed a break at work yesterday and I thought: hmm oy lets go read forum. And then I saw that screenie of Luft xD I logged in and asked the poster for screenies of her. No answer though :,(
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