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  • 04-18-2017
    *The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
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    Battle Royale

    Care to test your mettle with some of the strongest warriors on your server? Then enter the Battle Royale Arena event and try to win server fame and glory! ..and prizes too!

    Many will enter.. Only one will leave. Do you have what it takes to be the Last Man Standing?!

    Objective: Take no prisoners, have no allies. Kill everyone and be the last man(or Woman!) standing!

    Location: A sectioned off arena in the Coliseum will be created with NPCs for the event to take place there.

    Participants: Up to a maximum of 30 players.

    12:00 AM PDT (Jainus)
    12:30 AM PDT (Isen)

    Battle Royale Winner Prizes:
    1 x (Not a Full Stack) Badge of Victory
    1 x (Not a Full Stack) Random Box-Roha
    1 x (Not a Full Stack) Sacred Heart's Blessing(Medium)

    All players who joined will also get a participation prize just for playing in the event!
    1 x (Not a Full stack) Badge of Bravery

    1) If you exit the created arena, you will be disqualified.
    2) If non-participants try to interrupt the event they will be temporarily banned immediately.
    3) There are various rules to follow once you are a participant in the Battle Royale event.

    Some of these rules include:
    A) NO Groups are allowed.
    B) NO Pets are allowed.
    C) NO Revivals are allowed.
    D) NO Faking Death OR Suicides.
    E) The use of the Hide skill to intentionally disrupt the event will result in disqualification AND imprisonment.

    Registration: 5 minutes before the event starts, players will need to whisper the GM running the event to register. To register for the Battle Royale event, just whisper the GM hosting the event with your name! The first 30 players to sign up will be able to participate. This event is hosted in a "First come, First served" manner, so if you didn't message the GM fast enough, try again next time!
  • 04-18-2017
    *The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
    Events Calendar

    Battle of the Gods

    Objective: Kill a random Slaying God and it's henchmen. The player that deals the killing blow to the fallen God will be considered the event winner!

    Location: This event takes place in the Varvylon zone at the Bothan Penitentiary. Players are to wait beside the bridge while the event is set up, and then when it begins, to fight their way through the monsters and bosses to kill the Slaying God in the middle of the Bothan Penitentiary area.

    Participants: This event is open to all players! Anyone who wants to participate can, as long as they head to the Bothan Penitentiary!


    10:00 AM PDT (Isen)
    10:30 AM PDT (Jainus)

    05:00 PM PDT (Isen)
    05:30 PM PDT (Jainus)

    Battle of the Gods Prizes:
    There are a variety of boss monsters spawned during this event, with a chance to drop powerful boss accessories! The player who happens to score the final hit on the Slaying God will also win some fun prizes to use with his friends!

    Final Hit Prizes:
    3 x Badge of Victory
    1 x Harmony Seal(3 Days)
    1 x Agreement Seal(3 Days)

    Registration: This event has no registration! Just start gathering outside of the Bothan Penitentiary area before the bridge inside. When the GM is finished setting up the event, he will let you know when to go in to fight! You can go in alone, but it's much better to go in with a full group of friends!