Monster Mash

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  • 03-20-2017
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    Monster Mash

    Objective: Kill the hordes of monsters spawning in the Traitor's Guillotine area in the Del Lagos Zone. Fight through hordes of enemies to kill the bosses and get chances to win great loot!

    Location: This event takes place in the Del Lagos zone at the Traitor's Guillotine area. As the players roam and close various portals and kill various boss monsters, it will take them into the Corrupted Noblesse and other nearby areas as well!

    Participants: This event is open to all players! Anyone who wants to participate can, as long as they head to the Traitor's Guillotine area!

    10:00 AM PST (Isen)
    10:30 AM PST (Jainus)

    05:00 PM PST (Isen Server)
    05:30 PM PST (Jainus Server)

    Monster Mash Prizes:
    There are a variety of boss monsters spawned during this event, with a chance to drop powerful boss accessories! As the players get down into harder and harder waves, more and more rare bosses will be spawned!

    Registration: This event has no registration! Just get in there and start killing monsters!